Apartment for sale in Panzano

180 sq m on two floors of a three floor villa

Ready to occupy - available immediately

Apartment in Panzano for sale

The apartment consists of three spacious bedrooms (two triple and one double) with bathrooms, currently used for letting as holiday accommodation. There are three rooms plus bathroom arranged on two levels - ground floor and basement for the use of the manager/caretaker. The bathrooms, five in all, are of recent construction and besides the WC have either a shower or bathtub and bidet.

The bedrooms are all very large (4m X 4m, 4.20m X 5m). Passing through a room (marked as "cottura" on the ground plan) one reaches the rear courtyard which leads to the garden, laid out on various levels, and finally to the parking area. Their is also a garden in front of the house.

This two-family house, built in the 1930's, has been preserved in its original structure and with important details of its original decor. The apartment for sale covers an area of about 180 sq.m. and is situated on the ground floor and basement. It is completely independent and has access, front and rear, to two public roads.

The floors are tiled, a mottled concrete and marble finish, with Greek key design borders, the stairs are in pietra serena (grey stone), the basement floor is tiled in terracotta and the doors are wooden set in deep surrounds of the same wood, all marks of elegance and quality at the time of construction.


The bathrooms, plumbing, wiring and piping for methane gas are all either new or recently renovated
A little restoration and maintenance work would return the doors, windows and floors to their original lustre

Extension Possibilities

1) An excavator (not a great expense) could remove the earth from the front part of the basement and thus it would be possible to open two independent entrances to Rooms 5 and 6 (see ground plan), and with the construction of a new bathroom the basement room N 6 could become the fourth bedroom and bathroom available for rental. There would still be a spacious two-roomed apartment with bathroom for the use of the manager/caretaker.

2)If a caretaker's apartment is not required, the two-roomed apartment could be converted, by the addition of a further bathroom on the ground floor near the the stairs - for the bedroom which currently lacks this facility, into two bedrooms with bathrooms. Thus it would be possible to create a total of six bedrooms with bathrooms to use for holiday rentals without making great structural changes and therefore without incurring great expense.

Last, but not least, from a business point of view, the rooms are so spacious that it would be possible to install a kitchen unit or a small cooking facility in each one, and then let them as mini-apartments.

3) In the area of the garden marked "parking" on the plan (currently there is room for 2 cars) there is a small plot which can be built upon - 15sq.m. for non residential use - where one could build a basement parking area. In my opinion this parking area, which I suggest only as a possibility, is not necessary as in the immediate vicinity there is ample parking space.

Price 390,000 euros, negotiable.

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